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Preparation Engagements

New Preparation standard, SSARS21, reliability of information from CPA

Erik & Bob Harris #3

Privity, CPA firm privity defense, RIVIO users can access documents at all times while remaining anonymous

Completing the Loop

Bankers are reliant on source documents. CEO's of and Biz2Credit discuss ways to access original copies of these important documents.

Potential for Decreased Loan Interest Rates through authenticated financial

CEO of Biz2Credit foresees the cost of approving a loan decreasing, quicker loan approval times, more money being available to the borrowers, and an increase in small loans.

How Falsified Financial Documents Impact Bankers

Financial statements are the most complete indicator of a business' health; bankers have more of a need than ever for authenticated financial statements from a validated CPA, delivered in a secure way, on an on going basis.

Transforming Financial Information Exchange

There hasn't been a repository for private company financial statements. Learn about a new solution, RIVIO, that support private businesses.