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How does your firm share key financial documents with clients? Often, firms and private companies rely on methods which can be unsecure and inefficient for sharing information such as mail, email and hand delivery. Information exchanged this way can pose a greater risk of fraud, among other issues as there isn’t way to confirm its source and authenticity.

Now your firm can share information with private business clients easily and efficiently that they can then retrieve and share with third-party users such as lenders and investors – all in a secure platform, RIVIO.

Join us for a webinar where you will learn how RIVIO can benefit your firm with greater controls, collaboration and protection. During the webinar we’ll share and discuss:

  • An overview and live demo of the RIVIO platform
  • Marketplace problems
  • Different use cases for RIVIO

Speaker: Shawn Martin, Account Manager,

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET




2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET


The accounting profession is experiencing a technological revolution as it relates to assurance services. The emergence of more tools to manage and analyze data is enabling practitioners to deliver deeper insights. As technology advances and the business landscape changes, the demand for assurance services is evolving and creating new opportunities to add value.

In this webinar the impact of innovation in audit and assurance services is explored. You will learn how you can take advantage of the technology available to gain more control and insight to expand your capabilities and reach new levels of efficiency.

During the webinar, our speakers covered topics including:

  • Emerging assurance service opportunities
  • Innovation in automation and analytics
  • Digitization of financial information exchange
  • Data integrity and validity





Reliable financial information is one of the foundations of capital markets, but many private businesses continue to rely on outdated and unsecure methods to distribute financial statements and other key documents. This has led to uncertainty about the accuracy, source and validity of financial information, not to mention a greater risk of fraud.

Join us for an upcoming webinar where we’ll explore the need and benefits of a sophisticated clearinghouse to streamline the flow of financial documents. During the webinar we will discuss major trends and market demands impacting private company financial document exchange.


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