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Comply with Confidence

Today, financial statements can be altered by anyone with a computer and Adobe Acrobat – which has made it more difficult than ever for credit unions to monitor and minimize fraud risks related to loans, investments, and other financial and management issues.

That’s one reason why the NCUA modified its audit report submissions policy, helping reduce the risk of fraud and simplifying the process of submitting audit reports.

It’s also why many credit unions are turning to RIVIO for a technology solution that ensures compliance. This secure platform confirms the CPA firm as the original source of the audit and review reports, verifies that the reports relate to the correct set of unaltered financial information – all while maintaining auditor independence for the credit union’s CPA firm.

The result? Confidence – in knowing that your credit union is operating in compliance, in your ability to do so efficiently, and in exercising real control over a daunting, persistent risk to your organization.

Streamline workflow

With RIVIO, credit union management can easily request information from their CPA firm, opening the door to easier, more efficient exchanges of audit reports and other documents

Manage control

Designate who has access to view the audit reports uploaded by the CPA firm and increase visibility to ensure information is sent to the NCUA to remain in compliance

Ensure Confidence

RIVIO provides a secure platform designed to prevent fraud and ensure digital trust between credit unions, its members and collaborating with third parties.

Ease of Use

When change occurs that requires an organization to implement new technology, simplicity is often top of mind, and RIVIO's intuitive platform will fit seamlessly to standardize your workflow.

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Basic access to RIVIO Clearinghouse is typically provided free of charge to businesses such as credit unions. That means you can sign up today – and begin delivering a higher level of security and risk management for your credit union.

To learn more about RIVIO Clearinghouse, just contact our team at or by calling 1.855.855.5CPA.

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