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Audited financial statements are a key underpinning of our financial markets. But are they still relevant in a digital world in which reams of information can be synthesized and analyzed for insight? Analysts, advisors, portfolio managers and others who evaluate companies’ financial conditions for a living think so. A survey last year by the...
CPA Practice Advisor            Mon, 06/25/2018            Media Coverage
National Credit Union Administration’s Directive Is Driven by Desire to Reduce Risk of Report Manipulation by Management NEW YORK (August 14, 2017) – The American Institute of CPAs supports the National Credit Union Administration’s focus on the overall integrity of audit report submissions, and recently worked with the regulatory body to remove...            Mon, 08/14/2017            Press Releases
Multiple risks lurk in the way accountants deliver their business clients’ information. CEO Erik Asgeirsson and Confirmation founder Brian Fox discuss how a new information clearinghouse may solve the problem.
Accounting Today            Mon, 02/27/2017            Media Coverage
Position Paper Discusses Demand from Lenders and Investors for Authenticated Data Sources ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 24, 2016) – today released a position paper, “Addressing the Need for a Private Company Clearinghouse,” that makes the case for the secure digital distribution of private company financial information. “Reliable financial...            Mon, 10/24/2016            Press Releases
The new RIVIO Clearinghouse (see accompanying article) is a solution to a problem of financial hijinks with which you might not be familiar. After all, most CPAs perform their services ethically and expect their clients to represent their financial information in a truthful manner. So it’s quite possible you don’t realize how rampant this...
CPA Practice Advisor            Thu, 08/18/2016            Media Coverage
We live in an era of rapid innovation in financial technology that is transforming how banks, private equity firms and other investors evaluate business opportunities and quantify risk. Yet the prevailing methods for exchanging private company financial information among key stakeholders such as CPAs, corporate management and lenders and investors...
CPA Practice Advisor            Thu, 08/18/2016            Media Coverage
How can CPA firms, their clients and the investors and lenders with whom they do business easily access shared documents? How can CPA firms ensure that their signature won’t be used fraudulently or that there won’t be unauthorized changes in their financial reports? I spend a lot of time speaking with CPAs across the country, and these are some of...
AICPA Insights            Wed, 08/17/2016            Media Coverage
Financial Document Exchange for Private Companies Honored by CPA Practice Advisor NEW YORK (June 2, 2016) – RIVIO Clearinghouse, a financial document exchange for private companies, was the recipient last night of a 2016 Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award from CPA Practice Advisor, a leading publication for the accounting profession....            Thu, 06/02/2016            Press Releases
The winners and finalists for the 13th annual Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards reflect this focus on workflow and automation, which allow firms and their small business clients to operate more efficiently and profitably. The awards were presented on June 1, 2016, by CPA Practice Advisor during a reception and ceremony at the...
CPA Practice Advisor            Wed, 06/01/2016            Media Coverage, a business subsidiary of the AICPA, has partnered with to officially launch the RIVIO (Repository of Intelligent Validated Inputs and Outputs) Clearinghouse, which assists with CPA source-validated financial documents such as audited financial statements to bankers, shareholders and other investors. RIVIO makes documents...
AccountingWeb            Fri, 05/06/2016            Media Coverage