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Credit Union Audit Reports: Insights, Compliance, and Innovations for All

The credit union ecosystem is changing, but that can be a good thing for credit unions, their CPA firms, regulators, and all third-party users of audit reports, and other credit union documents. The changes impacting all involved present opportunities to improve the way work is done.

One part of that ecosystem is the RIVIO Clearinghouse, which paves the way to secure, controlled delivery and exchange of financial documents, including credit union audit reports.

During the webinar, the CPA.com team discusses industry trends, insights and innovations for the entire credit union-CPA firm-regulator ecosystem. You will also learn how RIVIO innovation benefits your organization:

  • CPA Firms: Enable credit union compliance, maintain auditor independence, add efficiencies and value
  • Credit Unions: Comply with confidence, increase control, enhance efficiency
  • Regulators: Prevent fraud, simplify compliance, enhance efficiency
  • Credit Union Commercial Lending/Enterprise Risk Management: Improve data input quality and reduce risk
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